Become A Difference Maker

Reasons to become a Difference Maker at Essential:

1. Gain Friendship - You'll grow deep friendships when you do something meaningful wit other people. 
2. Serving adds Excitement to Your life! - Serving gives you something fun and meaningful to do.
3. Make a real difference in the world!
4. Being a Difference Maker is important! - As a DM's you are important because are making people's lives better.
5. Leave a Legacy - Make a difference that will out-last you. Being a difference making is doing something that is bigger than you.
6. You are Called - God has called you to serve just as Jesus has served you. 
7. You'll Enjoy it! - Scientifically, people who volunteer more are happier. 

Interested in serving on one of our Difference Maker teams? Take a look at the list of teams below, click the + sign to get more information. Then fill out the form at the bottom to let us know you are interested or if you have more questions.

The Third Sunday of every month we host "Discover Your Purpose." It is the third course in our Essential Growth Track. This session is a workshop-style course. We will conduct a written personality test and spiritual gift survey. Through this process, you'll find how you are wired and equipped as a person. This will be helpful as you discover how you can make a difference.

Class Details

Location: Networking Lounge (next to the door connecting Kids and the Auditorium)

Time: 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Lunch: Provided

Childcare: Provided


Become A Difference Maker!