Opportunities to serve

Interested in serving with Essential? Look at our list of teams below, then fill out the form to get more information. We will follow up with you quickly!

  • Hospitality

    Welcome people as they arrive at Essential! This team also includes the team that makes coffee!

  • kids

    Help watch and teach our kids during the service. A background check is required for this position.

  • Band

    Do you sing or play an instrument? Help lead our people in worship.

  • Production

    Run the sound, projectors and lights!

  • Set up

    Help us transform our shared space into a worship service. Most teams arrive at 8am. We also tear down after the service. Tear down is typically over by 12:30pm. It’s possible to serve on this team and another team.

  • Prayer

    Join our prayer team and pray for the many prayer requests submitted to Essential each week.

  • Weekday

    Are you free during business hours on weekdays? Come and help in the office! We’d love to have your help.

Let us know how you would like to serve!

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