My #1 Approach to Feeling Closer to God


Feel distant from God?

For the first time are you starting to wonder, “Is there a God?”

Do you sense something is missing in your connection to God?

I’m guessing every one of us have felt something like this at some point. So what do we do? How do “get closer to God?” There is one thing that has worked better than anything else for me. I’d even go so far as to say there is no substitute for it. There are things we can also do to help us grow, but if we’re not doing this one thing, we may still not feel any closer to God.

Not to cross over into fear-mongering, but the truth is if we don’t get this right our faith can swerve onto dangerous ground. For instance, we can start having radically wrong beliefs about God, and what God believes.

So what can you do today to feel closer to God? Spend time listening to God in the Bible. Start in the book of John, or James. Don’t just read it. Listen to God through the words on the page.

Feeling distant from God today? Give it a try right now.

Tim Milner