We will have approachable and relevant teachings from the Bible that you can apply to your life today.

We will bendover backwards for guests. You are not a nuisance. Jesus is the main point, and we will make reaching those far from God the focus of our mission.

This will be a safe place for people to explore Christianity. You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to have any of the answers. You won’t be singled out for being new. Someone exploring faith is not looked down upon for being late to the game. Rather, this person will be celebrated.

We will create environments that are disarming to new people. There will be refreshments. There will be smiling and inviting faces. Honesty, not superficiality, will be encouraged. Our environments will scream, “We’re glad you’re here!” not, “You must conform, then you’ll be accepted.”

People are invited to wear clothes they feel comfortable in.

We will be intentional at using language that is easily understood. We will make sure that the methods we use to teach are as easy as possible to understand and apply.

We will have contemporary music that is encouraging, positive, engaging, and fun to sing along with.

100% Grace *and* 100% Truth

We will be a church that, like Jesus, did not lean towards only grace, or only truth. We aren’t even trying to find the perfect balance of grace and truth. Instead we will seek to be completely full of both grace and truth.

As a church body, we will remember the fact that there are people who are far from God. We will remember that these people are our neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. We will build a culture that champions and celebrates inviting these people to our church.


We will seek to be our neighbor’s best neighbor.

We will be a generous church. We will leverage the temporary for the sake of the eternal. We will be generous in both big things and in small things. We will be generous in partnering with organizations in Huntsville and in serving our community. We will give every first time guest a free gift that they will actually want to use. We will always have Bibles people can have for free. And, of course, we will always have free coffee. From the biggest thing to the smallest we want to exude generosity.

We will love Huntsville and its people.