Why essential Exists

long term goals

1. Creating safe places for you and others to explore Jesus in Huntsville.

2. Will open a coffee shop (or other businesses) to help the people of Huntsville.

3. Starting 1,000 churches around the world.

4. Eradicating homelessness in Huntsville.

5. Experimenting with new ideas on how to love our community.

6. Leading other churches to love the people of Huntsville well.

7. Creating a Biblically centered and outwardly focused church to reach our generation and the generations that follow.

8. Creating a culture of being life-long learners on how to reach our city.

9. Helping you, your friends, and family grow in their walk with Jesus.

10. Pioneering how churches start where population is increasing and church attendance is decreasing.

What we will accomplish in the next 12 months

We believe God has called us to reach the 250,000 un-churched and de-churched in the Huntsville area. We believe if we do not reach them, they won’t be reached. Projections show three startling facts. 1. Huntsville is growing. 2. Churches are shrinking. 3. Those who are in church tend to be older (50 years old and up). Who will reach the next generation who don’t go to church? We will.

Because of this, we are going to do something special over the next 12 months.

1. We will play a key part in reaching our next milestone of reaching 350 people with the Gospel each week. If we do not reach them, who will?

2. We don’t just talk. We will conduct 6 church-wide outreach events, and collectively, at least 20 Community Group outreach events. We will be life-long learners and doers in loving the people of Huntsville.

3. We will pioneer church planting in the Bible-belt this year by showing the relevance of Christ to our culture. We will run a public social media campaign comparing the difference between religion and the Gospel.

4. We will be part of a group of people to begin the process of praying intentionally for the door to open to create a coffee shop (or other business). We are specifically praying people to rise up and run with this project.

6. We will help take real step towards eradicating involuntary homelessness in Huntsville.

7. We will start 2 new churches this year. One in New York City and one in Washington D.C. Church planting is hard, but using our collective experience, resources, and people we will support these two Gospel works.

8. We are creating a place where we can belong and grow. We will see 200 adults join a community group. 200 serve on a ministry team. These aren’t just numbers. They are people like you. They have a story. They are loved by God. Let’s go for it!


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